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This detailed form enables you to draft a through and high quality Mandate in case of incapacity made specially for Quebec civil law.

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Comments from our clients

I found the Mandate via a Google search. It is straightforward and clear. Many thanks for providing this service. It is much appreciated.
- D.R., Verdun
I completed my Mandate and found it very easy to follow, it was easy to read and understand. I was looking to find a notary to do one and found this instead. Thank you! I will be sure to tell my family and friends, it puts my mind at ease and I thank you for offering it in English.
- K.B., Shawinigan
I searched the internet for the mandate and your website looked good. The form was easy to understand and complete. I will recommend it to others.
- J.S., Gatineau

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Table of contents of the Mandate:

This complete Mandate form provides the legal tools necessary to meet the needs of most individuals:

  • Identification of mandator (person doing the mandate) and civil status
  • Identification of mandatory (person who will act for the mandator in case of incapacity)
  • Identification of substitute mandatory
  • Provisions relating to the Person
    • General
    • Medical record
    • Home care
    • Extraordinary medical measures (artificial life support)
    • Required authorisations
  • Provisions relating to Property
    • Financial transactions
    • Access to safety deposit box, mail
    • Reports
    • Insurance
    • Clauses if tenant
    • Clauses if apartment building owner
    • Clauses if condominium owner
    • Clauses if home owner
    • Power to sell moveables and real estate
    • Releases and receipts
  • Inventory
  • Rendering of account
  • Guardian to minor children
  • Payment for mandatory
  • Other clauses
    • Consultation of other close relatives
    • Revocation
  • Resignation and replacement of mandatory
  • Signature
  • Witness statements
  • Affidavit that can be filled in by witnesses to your Mandate (filling in is optional);
  • Instructions and recommendations to the mandator

This is NOT the "Canadian Legal Will Kit", much criticised by the "Chambre des notaires" and consumer protection groups. Our Mandate is a thorough and detailed Mandate, the work of Quebec lawyers and notaries.

Four easy steps to making your Mandate in Quebec:

  1. After placing your order, the appropriate file(s) will be sent to you by e-mail. The file can be opened by any word processor (Word, WordPerfect, etc…)
  2. Complete the Mandate form.
  3. Save the file, print two paper copies and sign them before two witnesses.
  4. Retain a copy of the Mandate for yourself and give another original copy to a trusted person.


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Second Mandate

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This Mandate form was produced by Jurismedia inc. and Marc Gelinas, Attorney, based in Greater Montreal, in collaboration with several other lawyers and notaries specialized in this field.