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Prior to ordering a document or documents from Jurismedia Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Jurismedia Inc. documents"), please carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract which will binds you with Jurismedia Inc. :


You are committing yourself to paying the price of the Jurismedia Inc. documents either by credit card or cheque (money order).

The amount invoiced on your credit card, if necessary, will be under the name: Marc Gelinas / Jurismedia Inc. simply collect the sums for Jurismedia Inc.

All payments are to be made to Jurismedia Inc.

Sending of the Jurismedia Inc. documents

After the automated secure process of your order, the document(s) as well as the receipt will be transmitted to you by electronic mail (e-mail). You will be able to open the document (RTF format - Rich Text Format) with any text processing software.

If paying by cheque, upon reception of the cheque, the document(s) will be sent to you by e-mail or by mail depending of your choice. Additional fees of 10$ plus taxes are necessary for the postal mailing of any order.

Accuracy of information

You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of any information which you provide to Jurismedia Inc., that you release entirely from any responsibility in this respect.

Authorized right

Subject to the payment of the price of the Jurismedia Inc. documents, you obtain the not-exclusive right to use the Jurismedia Inc. documents.

Extension of this right

Under the terms of this right,

Subject to what precedes,

Intellectual property

All the Jurismedia Inc. documents, any list of the Jurismedia Inc. documents, as well as all the contents of the Jurismedia Inc. web site (text, graphs, logos, buttons, images, icons and software components) are the exclusive property of Jurismedia Inc., its suppliers or the people having granted a licence of use to Jurismedia Inc. They are protected by the laws governing intellectual property and by international law and treaties.


The Jurismedia Inc. documents may, depending of your particular situation, not be appropriate for your needs or be complete. In case of doubt, consult a legal adviser in your jurisdiction.

Absence of guarantee

Jurismedia Inc. does not give any guarantees expressed or implicit to the legal contents of the Jurismedia Inc. documents.

No legal opinion

Jurismedia Inc. does not deliver any legal opinion or advice since it only diffuses information.

Limited responsibility

In all cases, the maximum responsibility for the authors and Jurismedia Inc., arising from or in relation to the use of the Jurismedia Inc. documents, is limited to the refund of their purchase price.

Refund Policy

No refund will be offered on any electronic document of any format (electronic file, CD or other). Jurismedia will replace at no cost a technically defective product within 30 days of the purchase date.


The present purchase contract is governed by the laws of Quebec, Canada. The contract between yourself and Jurismedia has been concluded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Totality of the agreement

This contract represents the totality of the agreement between you and Jurismedia Inc.

Last updated : January 15, 2014

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